More Game Jams

by mc

So I’m more-or-less convinced that I am as done with Queertastrophe as I can be.  I need to upload a new version and tweak a few bugs/add music, but I’m in the ending stages of things and more than ready to move on.  Spent the last week working on a team for Game Boy Game Jam which was fun, but I’m new to team work, and newer to being the programmer on the team which is hard.  I taught myself programming so I could make the games I think up, not other people’s ideas, even though I’m still new to programming and should take every opportunity as a chance to learn more.  We didn’t finish the game in time (concept: You are a kidnapped princess, 100 days till wedding the king who nabbed you, and you gotta convince him you aren’t his type), but agreed to work on it in the following months because most of the assets are in place.  It was originally a flip on the dating-sim genre, and I was really into the concept of experience points in relationships for saying the right/wrong things (because that’s life).  The game keeps some of that core concept but moves away from it more than I expected it to when we first brainstormed, but I guess that’s how game jams + team work goes.

Trying to brainstorm up a site so this blog can live nested in even more pages with projects I’ve done and whatnot, I’m hoping the winter will be slow enough for me to focus some time on web design.