Game Jam

by mc

Did a 48 hour game jam with indiespeedrun.  It went like every jam goes:

1. Come up with elaborate idea
2. Fail at said idea
3. Plan B.

So here’s plan B, art was done by my neighbor who showed up at 2am to say hi and stayed till 8am.

I learned about the restraints of Construct and by recommendation, the next tool I’m going to mess with is Flixel which makes the games in flash.

In other news the Stump Fest Game Quest is in a week and I need to finish draft 2 of Queertastrophe so it can be done and I can move on with life and new projects.  It has a good chance of being done in time if I can solve some hardware issues (thank goodness I have nerdy helpful friends).  I’m a little burnt out on all of the game events (retro gaming expo is this weekend also, I might drop by if I drink enough coffee before hand).  I have enough time in my life to make games, but it’s hard to have enough time to make games and go to game events.

Just played Betrayal at House on Haunted Hill and it was rad.

Just read Ready Player One and it’s sooo good.