One Year!

by mc

I’ve had this barely used blog for a year now!  Time sure flies.  Things I’ve learned:


– Basic 3d modeling concepts and how to semi-navigate the complicated worlds of Unity and Maya (and slightly less complicated Google SketchUp)

-The beauty of pixel art and how hard it is to set up pixel art in photoshop with a tablet.

-Game Maker’s mechanics and the downfalls that come with being easy

– Construct 2’s weird ways of wording things

– The basic concepts of C++ and how to talk like a programmer instead of an English major

– A million theories of game creation, games in education, gaming communities, so much theory.

– How to build an arcade machine and game from scratch and then not know what to do with it

– How rad the game dev community is in comparison with other artistic communities (sorry writing groups)

– Formal education in game dev vs. diy education, pros and cons of each

– The whims of gaming media

– The joy of steam sales/the privilege problem of having too many games to play

– How badly I want to queer this shit up and see it queered at a faster pace.