tough decisions

by mc

So I’ve got a couple weeks before the SF Gay Game Convention (GaymerX).  And even though I have the days off from work I don’t think I’m going to go.  And that’s ok.  The machine is looking pretty good, I got it back from my artist friend who made it really look slick.



My to do list is still huge.  I have a lot to do hardware wise (re-attach the door, clean up and strip down the computer tower I’m going to use, put in the button and controller, make a latch for the door, etc etc).  And I have a lot to do game-wise (a couple of sprites to make, rounds to implement, steepen the curve of the first few levels, interactive intro level, etc).  And if I did go to this con I have to figure out the logistics of the trip (finding a car that I can afford, a place to stay, people to hang out with).  I’d be going alone with an arcade machine which is a lot of work, and it would be a very expensive weekend considering the only thing I’m expecting to get out of it is warm-fuzzies.

So it isn’t the easiest decision, since it’s the first gay gaming convention and it has one of my favorite queer game designers (Anna Anthropy), but I have more work than I have time in the day and I don’t want me favorite hobby to stress me out.  So unless the stars align and everything works itself out for me (minus the, like, actual arcade work) then I think I’ll stay home and get ready for the next arcade event which is in Portland in a few months.