Teaching myself game design from the ground up.

Month: June, 2013


took apart chunks of the arcade machine with the help of a friend’s dad who knows how to actually use powertools.  We straightened some things out and added a little more foundational structure.  Sending it to my friend for a paint job tomorrow.  Just gotta work on the game itself, but this whole 9-5 job + my other job +  having a life makes it pretty hard.  Doin’ what I can.  I got til august 2nd.



Working on reviving motivation.  I have two months to fix up my game and cabinet for gaymercon (gay game convention) and I have a lot of work and little will to do it.  The way I try to force myself to work on a project is to tell folks about it, which is helping.  I’m going to bring the cabinet to get checked out by someone who knows about fixing/construction stuff (cause I do not, and this event will probably be higher traffic than the last event the cabinet lived through).  Been talking to an artistic friend about paying for some quality art on the panels, and I’m starting a new job so I’ll be able to invest the money which is a relief.  Other than that I’ve been playing casual games and feeling stuck.  Baby steps.