accessibility and arcade machines, and drinking with power tools

by mc


This is my progress so far!  I’ve cut some other wood, got more supplies, etc.  Tried to drill hinges on the door while I was drunk which I’m now trying to fix.  Showed the cabinet to a friend who gave me suggestions on how to make it more accessible (slanted button panel, rubber around the edges of the button panel).  I totally forgot about accessibility until he brought it up.  The machine is inherently more wheel-chair/short-folk friendly because I made it like 4ft tall because that’s the wood I had to work with.  I got caught up in the project I forgot to step out of my own playing lens, luckily I keep bragging and showing the cabinet off so I can get feedback!  Starting to approach the paint problem, going to a recycle paint store today to see my options.  Time is running out and I still have the game to work on!  But this is one of the most invigorating projects I’ve worked on.  I stare at a screen all day so it’s great to break away from that and build something with my own (occasionally intoxicated) hands.