Arcade cabinet commence!

by mc

So after reading a million blogs about building an arcade machine and sort of planning, I dragged a friend to go shopping for parts!  We went to the Rebuilding Center where I got a bunch of wood for five dollars (and two hinges).  I have no idea the name or type of wood, just kind of grabbed wide pieces of thin stuff.  My friend had some beam of stronger wood for the frame/support in his garage so we picked those up, went to the local tool library where I picked up a lot of tools I know very little about.  My friend knows a little more about construction, like the names of tools and tool safety.  We got a saw, a circular saw, some horse saw table things, clamps, sand paper, and probably some other stuff.  Our last stop was Free Geek who was having a vintage sale.  I picked up a joystick and an old trackball mouse because I’m still unsure which to use (would a joystick be more fun for game play?  A trackball would be easier to install).  Spent 10 dollars at the sale, so far I’m at 15 total on this project.  I’m sure I’ll need more supplies, especially when decorating, but since I ended up with a free old pc to use I don’t expect this project to cost more than 100 (aiming for 50).  Started to cut some of the wood in my living room (I live in a studio, so really it’s my everything room).  I’ll post pictures soon!


Also started remaking the game in Construct, which is a little intimidating to start learning but sooo easy after a few youtube tutorials.  Trying to get the main game mechanics back in before I set up the arcade-flow, but I think I’m on track!