arcade machines

by mc

So I was offered the amazing opportunity to show off something game related at OMSI After Dark (drinking at a museum with a gaming themed night).  I have one month to put together something, anything.  I decided to take on building an arcade machine for my queer dancing game.  This means a lot of work for the month, but a do-able deadline and I have the help of friends and good weather.  Here’s the basics of what I need to do (each paragraph I’m sure will get its own post over time):


– Game wise I need to revise the play to make it more endless and the level progression longer.  Instead of starting with a full dance floor, each level will slowly add folks to the dance floor each round until it gets too hard to beat.  I also need to add high scores and music.  Might add a button because it’s movement only so far and button mashing makes for a more frantic arcade.

– Software wise I need to research programs to boot the game on start up and do various other things.  It’ll be free to play so I don’t care about a credit system.  Gotta make it unable to exit.

– The physical construction of the machine.  I’m dreaming of a standup machine but those are heavy and a big challenge.  I want to paint it rainbows.  I live next to a rebuilding center so my friend suggested using doors from there are the base.  Looking into the cost of decals.

– Cost of everything 😦  I have a free computer I can use which is a life saver.  However I need to get speakers, construction things, etc.  My aim is to make this for under 100 using recycled everything.

Let the fun begin!  Today I’m reconstructing the game to give it a better flow and fix bugs.  Working in game maker but if I get mad at it I might switch while I have time to.