Games I’ve Been Playing and Misc Thoughts

by mc

Playing games is vital to learning how to make games!  But it’s different when you want to make games, you can’t play Call of Duty a million hours a day and expect to know how to make a balanced game.  My current project is a point and click adventure game, so this blog’s focus is going to be on the development of one of those.  To research, I’ve been replaying The Longest Journey and taking notes.  Taking notes while playing games is invaluable.  I’m trying to organize how I want to handle inventory and using a mouse int he game.  My initial reaction was to do old-school style like Kings Quest where you scroll over the top/bottom of the screen and you get a couple of icons to pick from:

But with Longest Journey, you click on an object and you can either look, talk, or touch (the available options will be highlighted).  It also shows when a combo of items works because they selected item will glow.  I can’t decide if I’m into that or if it makes things too easy.  My other problem is I’m sooo ADD when it comes to anything on a computer (I do eight things at once) and it’s hard to play an adventure game with no attention span for story unless the story is super captivating (sometimes Longest Journey talks too much for me, but I was totally into Walking Dead so I think dialoge driven games are possible for short attention spans).  Anyways, I’ll upload my sketches for inventory plans next post I think and start focusing on the journey to making a single game rather than all this research that leads to more research.

I have a few other games lined up next, Grim Fandango and one of the Leisure Suit Larrys.

What I was playing before I took up Longest Journey (my main games for the past 4 months):

Beat Dishonored in three days.

Walking Dead Game. (I ❤ Telltale Games, they did Monkey Island and Sam and Max).

Civilization IV? I lost count.