Grad apps and Mazes

by mc

Making a 3D maze in Sketch Up for a group project in my Unity class.  SketchUp is an awesome tool from Google, and it’s a walk in the park compared to learning Maya.  You can use it for architecture, 3D models, and fancier stuff that I don’t get yet.  And it’s free!  Not just a demo that lasts x day (my biggest peeve because on the xth day I finally get how to use the program decently).  Here’s a snap shot of the maze so far:  

I really want to dive into working on textures for it, but I’m trying to dedicate the day to writing my grad application essays.  I don’t like trying to sell myself, especially to something that I’m going to pay a lot for, and I’m really conflicted about academia v. DiY education and blahblah but if I had an MFA I could someday ultimately teach game design and that would be amazing, and more and more jobs are asking for academic game design experience.