babycastles summit + etc

by mc

Reading: Rise of the Video Game Zinester and loving it!  When I was first playing with the idea of making queer video games, I googled ‘queer video games’ and I found this article which led me to learn about Anna Antropy and BabyCastles and put me in the direction of the indie game movement.

Just finished replaying Monkey Island 2, going for Broken Sword next.  Playing them on my friend’s old iTouch so I’m getting a feel for how point-and-click inventory adventure games can thrive in the new generation of gaming.

Volunteered at Babycastles Summit.  I didn’t learn much about making games, but I learned about the other people in the diy movement and it makes things a lot less intimidating.  I’ve noticed that as a female volunteer at gaming events, I end up talking to the other women and most of us say “oh I want to get into design/coding/gaming but it’s hard to get in the clique” or some variation of that.  (note: since moving back west, it’s been a lot easier to meet people. Partially because I’m doing more long term programs like classes and groups rather than conferences).  There are indie game collectives EVERYWHERE and I had no clue because they’re elusive (some more intentionally so).  I learned a bit more about game jams, making games in x hours with total strangers, and I saw a great presentation comparing Bill Murray movies to video game design.  I asked as many people as I could what they thought BabyCastles actually was, the best answer I got: “a seven headed hydra where each head speaks a different language”  Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of babycastles and knowing it exists helps me in figuring my stuff out, but it’s just not the stepping stone into the diy gaming world that I hoped it would be.  They make diy arcade machines, put them in bars, collaborate with folks from everywhere and make really awesome games/festivals/etc.  (note – while I was living in nyc they didn’t have a physical space, they have one now called Silent Barn that is also for other artistic things, but their site is overwhelming to digest.  I don’t even really know how the two are related other than that I know they are related.  Silent Barn looks awesome and I’m bummed I’m back west and can’t investigate better.) Can’t wait to get some coding classes under my belt so I can feel a little more in the game.