Getting Started

by mc

The purpose of this blog is to track my progress as I try to learn game design.  I’m starting at square zero, my only experience with games is playing them. Currently I’m in NYC, working and saving money and volunteering at game events when I can.  I recently volunteered to take photos at Games for Change Conference ( anything taken with an Olympus e420, unfortunately I’ve requested photo credit and haven’t received any, but I did get to attend the conference for free so I can’t complain).  Next weekend is Babycastles’ Summit, where I’m taking photos and working the front desk.  In a month I move back to Portland, Oregon to take cheap community college classes and learn coding.  From there I plan on submerging myself in learning game design from all aspects (building computers to coding to design elements).  Aaannnddd I’m putting it all here so in a year I can say “oh damn, I’ve come so far!”

The Plan:

  • I’ve signed up for community college classes to get me started on learning coding
  • I’m going to volunteer to build computers at Free Geek, where I’ll learn how to build computers.  Free Geek is all about making people understand the computers that they use, and to provide free/affordable computers, and to reuse and recycle as much as possible. There are similar programs that use the same name but aren’t related.
  • Sign up to video game blogs, magazines, get books, etc etc.
  • Research mfa game design schools, scholarships, work on a portfolio.
  • Make a long term game in one year
  • Make a short term game
  • Keep this updated, this’ll happen more when I’m back on the west coast and in school, but right now I’m working a bunch and couch surfing nyc to save up.

I currently work as a barista where I occasionally make video game lattes and sometimes they catch on, but I realized I’d rather not do specialty coffee all my life so I’m dedicating myself to learning everything video games.  My long term goal is to work game design jobs and make my own queer/indie games on the side, I’m extra interested in games for social or economic change and games as a reflection on society.